What will the consumers and the new market entrants benefit from the FCA new, experimental regulatory practice?

Innovation Agencies throughout Europe are still looking very closely at Israel’s start-up incubation methodologies and try to adopt them to their own respective economies. FCA introduces diverse techniques, methods to cooperate with the market and with the consumers to create a consumer,- and market-friendly regulatory environment  which further boosts the economy and innovation. We wonder, if FCA would reach the same position in financial regulation as Israel gained in incubation.  Definitely should…   The financial sector – as we all see – is transforming into digital rapidly and even at wider spectrum. The new, often disruptive solutions mean great challenges...

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PSD2 –Is it another compliance requirement or could it be turned into new business opportunities?

We have analyzed the Directive and had talks with several international and domestic experts in the banking sector and also with EU regulators and at FintechGroup we strongly believe that PSD2 will give fresh air to the financial services market in general. PSD2 is a work-in-progress EU Directive to be implemented in the domestic legislations by January 18, 2018. This regulation will shape the digital financial market, since it frames the rules for the new and traditional players. The rules PSD2  introduces will result in a much lower entry barrier to the sector which will enhance competition and further...

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