Linda talks with Alex Panican who is head of partnerships and ecosystem at the Luxembourg House of Fintech. Discover one of the coolest places for fintech in the world!

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Luxembourg House of Fintech (LHoFT)

January 16, 2019

The fintech culture in Luxembourg is quite different comparing to the CEE region. This is a country, where the Finance Minister launches the House of Fintech (LHoFT), the regulator is quite open for innovation. They have regulated crypto exchange platforms and they start teaching kids coding at the age of six. Alex shared with me all this and much more. Listen to his insights!

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She founded an insurance company while the ink on her diploma was yet to dry. At the age of 28 she found herself in the position of Deputy CEO of CIG Pannonia Life Insurance Plc. after having started there as an actuary 5 years earlier. By that time, the company was listed on the Hungarian Stock Exchange.

This rapid and successful rise to the top did not go unnoticed as Forbes included her on their Hungarian edition of “30 under 30”, a list of the most successful Hungarians still in their 20s.

Being obsessed with innovation working in a traditional industry, fintech and insurtech quickly became irresistible disciplines to explore. And longing after intellectual development and challenges while currently being on maternity leave, she decided to give birth to yet another “lovechild”, the FintechFlow podcast.