Sparklab by NN: the first insurance innovation lab opened in Hungary

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“Sparklab seeks solutions that can improve the quality of our lives” – said Imre Sztanó, Chairman and CEO of NN Insurance Hungary. NN is strongly committed to innovation and “pursues to take a leading role in renewing the field of insurance.”

Who said that one swallow does not make summer? NN Insurance could (make one)! Let’s see!


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Success stories from the Netherlands

After the accomplishments in the Netherlands, the NN Group decided to build its base of innovation in Hungary. The Dutch Sparklab developed Gappie, a car insurance system for customers who don’t own a car, thus would like to insure a car they borrowed for any period of time.



The same innovation lab launched the Dutch Cyber Collective, the social initiative which provides help to dutch SMEs to fight against cyber crime.


Sparklab: startup program

After the Netherlands,  the next Sparklab will start its operations in Hungary. Here the chosen startups or teams can develop their innovative projects with the help of the Sparklab mentors. The Hungarian Sparklab continuously seeks for ideas and startups so they can improve the quality of life of as many people as possible  – emphasized Mariken Tannemaat, Innovation Director, NN Group.

“We provide marketing and sales support for the chosen ideas, furthermore the network of NN Insurance, coaching and mentor programs are also available for the teams. We ensure infrastructure and offices for each of them when it is necessary.”


NN Insurance: paradigm shift

This step of NN Insurance brings a paradigm shift in the Hungarian insurance industry comparing to the recent  Sleeping-Beauty-like innovation practice. Imre Sztanó, Chairman-CEO expects the innovation program to find solutions to enter new market segments and to reach out to new customer groups.

After the program officially launched, the most up to date news about Sparklab will be available by signing up at . 


As a Hungarian bank launched the “fintech cunami” last year, so might NN Insurance skyrocket the innovation in the domestic insurance industry. We told you: one swallow can make a summer!

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